I am a Award Winning Novelist, Bronze Medal Olympian and the funniest person I know. Now that we're done playing two truths and a lie let me tell you about me. Since birth I have been a natural entrepreneur. I come from a family without much tucked away in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, but I always dreamt of more. I dreamt of the vacations I saw my friends taking, I dreamt of a life where I didn't struggle like my parents. So I decided very young that if no-one was going to hand me this life I was going to get it one way or the other. In elementary school, my father would hand me a $20 bill and drive me to the nearest Walmart to fund my schemes. I would always be sure to be all encompassing business wise. Every venture had a website, an employee handbook and a business strategy. An example of this is the time I created Child Lawyers(TM?). I even drafted a restraining order against a girl in class who we all had problems with. Clearly I needed my computer time limited more strictly as a child but we aren't here to debate. 

However, even in my teens I never stopped. By the age of 16 it appeared I had a portfolio full of failed attempts to be the first pre-pubescent self-made billionaire. Yet I never stopped grinding. In my dust I leave a trail of abandoned blogs and youtube accounts. Magazines and websites. Myspace and Facebook pages alike. 

In 2014 I graduated from highschool to pursue a career as an Astrophysicist (yes what? I was very good at physics and obsessed with space!). On the side I used my self taught Adobe Suite skills to make money as a freelance Graphic Designer. After a year pursuing this I did what anyone does when they have a sudden urge to disappoint their parents, I went to art school. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. There I continued to work freelance on my design career even though I majored in Fine-Arts. I am a complex woman what can I say. My roommate at the time was interning with Nike. She pitched them my work for Nike Air Month and they loved it! This was my first major breakthrough in my career. I designed merchandise to be sold in their stores and this added to my portfolio as something I finally succeeded in! The first time I was truly proud. I then got contracted by Chipotle to design merchandise for them aswell. I was bleeding money. School bills where pilling up and I couldn't handle anymore loans. I decided to move off campus. I had $300 to my name when I came back from Summer break. I moved into my friends closet space and slept on an air-mattress. I eventually saved up enough working two jobs and going to school full time to rent the room the other girl living with us was leaving. I was miserable working retail and saw myself doing more. I wanted that entrepreneurial spirit back.

So I did! I applied to Graphic Design jobs like a mad woman. I came across an ad on Craigslist for a Graphic Design intern at an upcoming makeup startup. I applied anyway though it was unpaid. I walked in nervous but confident and showed them my work. I said that I couldn't work for free but that I had a lot of offer and could aid in rebranding their entire structure and streamlining their designs. They agreed to hire me. I worked at Winky Lux as the head designer doing anything from packaging to ads and truly blossomed. There I was able to stretch my wings artistically and try various techniques. I learned a lot about the industry. During my last years at Winky I also began content creation. I stated monetizing my instagram. It felt reminiscent of all my failed tries to blog and create before. This time I was determined and new how to market myself.

In 2018 I began working for Tarte Cosmetics. I had passed numerous interviews and a rigorous design exam. Here I learned so much more than I ever could have imagined! I truly believed in the products and what we were doing. However I had been dealing with family traumas behind the scene since I was young and they were finally bubbling to the top. Trying to juggle my full-time job at Tarte, my side hustle and my father who was passing away from cancer was seemingly devouring me from the inside out. But I kept strong and focused. In 2019, my father passed away after a long hard battle with cancer since I was 16. This hit me hard as he was my biggest supporter in my ventures and adventures since I was a child. I decided he would want me to follow my heart and my dreams. So I picked everything up and moved to Miami where I currently am I typing this from to blog full-time. I have barely scratched the surface of my life in this about me but I hope it provides some insight and if nothing else inspiration!


It doesn't matter where you come from. It's where you're going. 

© AMA OUT OF OFFICE by Ama Corrieri 2019

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